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Our Projects

Worldwide today the facilities built by the Group treat in excess of 20,000 tonnes of waste per day overall

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Between the Ponte Malnome facility, opened in Rome in 1964, and those recently completed in Argentina and Spain, SCT and Sorain Cecchini Group have jointly built more than 50 waste recycling and treatment facilities.

In four continents, SCT has designed and built very different facilities, in terms of their treatment activities, technology and size. Ranging from organic bio-stabilisation reactors and fully-fledged recovery and recycling plants – with the capacity of several dozens of tonnes per day – to large-scale integrated waste treatment facilities, providing for the recovery of materials and production of electricity, such as the Malagrotta 2 plant, inaugurated in Rome in 2008, which has a capacity of 1.600 tonnes/day, or the plant completed in 2010 in Barcelona, with a capacity of approx. 1.000 tonnes/day.