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Our Services

At SCT, of which Sorain Cecchini Tecno España is the Spanish branch, we provide waste treatment facility design, construction and management services worldwide

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We have the skills and experience to develop integrated waste management systems, to optimise the recovery of materials and to transform the non-recyclable fractions into energy, in an entirely eco-friendly manner.

We deliver turnkey design and construction services for:

  • mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) facilities
  • plants for recovering refuse derived fuel (RDF) from undifferentiated municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • plants for recovering materials from separate collection and undifferentiated MSW
  • composting plants using organic material from separate collection and undifferentiated MSW
  • composting plants recycling residential/agricultural sludge
  • facilities for cleaning and regenerating plastic materials from MSW
  • MSW transfer stations
  • controlled landfills
  • plants for recovering biogas and methane from controlled landfills

Several efficient treatment plants, successfully built and operated over more than 65 years of operation by the SC Group, are the best testimonials to the quality and reliability of our services.